Sustainable Development

Environment Protection

The development objectives of the Group are directly tied to the HSE management objectives. The Exigo Oil and Gas Strategy-2028 includes a number of significant initiatives, one of which is increasing environmental responsibility. The group has set management of greenhouse gas emissions and flaring reduction as top priorities, along with management of water resources, production waste management, reclamation of land, and energy efficiency.

The "Environmental Policy" was approved in line with the objectives of the Strategy. Exigo Oil and Gas' management, along with its affiliates and subsidiaries, upholds a policy of zero tolerance for losses and damages brought on by environmental contamination. In 2021, the revised Environmental Policy was approved. To ensure the acquisition, accumulation, storage, analysis, and transfer of environmental information, the Exigo Oil and Gas Environmental Policy has been updated in accordance with the requirements of the new Environmental Code. Exigo Oil and Gas was given increased obligations for the prudent use of natural resources and adherence to conservation measures. The Exigo Oil and Gas Health and Safety Policy is based on top management commitment to occupational health and safety and promotes employee involvement in the creation of a safety-conscious culture.

The management of Exigo Oil and Gas and its affiliates pledges to complying with all applicable local laws as well as national and international standards and upholds a policy of "zero tolerance" for accidents and incidents that cause losses or damage. Exigo Oil and Gas's alcohol, drug, and psychotropics policy and safe driving guidelines place an emphasis on an employee's life and health while outlawing the use of these substances to avoid traffic accidents, diminish their effects, and reduce property damage. The management of Exigo Oil and Gas and its affiliates upholds the "zero tolerance" concept for the use of drugs, alcohol, and psychotropic substances

Safety & Loss Prevention

Every aspect of the refining processes include safety, which is essential and a prerequisite of employment for both employees and contractors. The refinery is adamant that mishaps and injuries can be prevented and recognizes the importance of safety excellence for creating long-term business success. Exigo Oil and Gas implements a comprehensive program (HSEQ) that addresses all HSE, EH, and QAE issues in order to prevent losses. Exigo Oil and Gas is trying to build an Incident and Injury-free (IIF) working culture, which involves fostering interpersonal relationships and encouraging genuine concern and care among all employees. Additionally, frequent meetings with senior management give staff members and contractors a chance to raise safety-related issues. Exigo Oil and Gas also encourages.

Occupational health and safety

Our main objective is to reduce workplace injuries and accidents in order to protect employees, prevent health issues, reduce the impact of our operations on the environment, and improve Exigo Oil and Gas' reputation and image. This is in accordance with the policy on occupational health, safety, and the environment. We continue to work to strengthen our safety culture, increase employee rights and capabilities (including giving them the power to stop work that they believe is being done unsafely), strengthen top management's commitment to health and safety issues, and pinpoint the underlying causes of accidents.

Positive changes have been made to our business culture regarding occupational safety and health, and we have raised reporting transparency by more than 300 percent. Exigo Oil and Gas IOGP membership, which would also enable the sharing of information and knowledge, will be the next step in enhancing transparency. Incident prevention and accident investigation, which were based on the study of root causes, training, and dissemination of knowledge about lessons learned throughout the group of enterprises, were advantageous to the LTIR. In order to identify areas that need to be addressed in terms of occupational health and safety and to reduce the number of accidents, we continue to compare ourselves to other oil and gas companies (International Organization of Oil and Gas Producers, IOGP).

Process Safety

Exigo Oil and Gas prioritizes process safety management in order to achieve its Health Safety Environment & Quality Policy objective of "No accidents, no harm to people, no damage to the environment, and 100% customer satisfaction." A rigorous process safety management system is in place to prevent any Loss of Containment (LOC) incidents. Exigo Oil and Gas fervently supports the idea of improving process safety performance by learning from past errors. To find and execute improvement opportunities, thorough analyses of internal LOC and near-miss accidents are used, as well as the lessons learned from occurrences at other external refineries.

Exigo Oil and Gas also provides monthly training courses to advance the knowledge of our staff members in areas related to Process Safety. Process safety performance is closely monitored and reported, with strong cooperation between Exigo Oil & Gas and its industry peers as well as regulatory organizations predominating, in order to establish a safe working environment for all of our refinery personnel. We are mindful of the impact our operations have on the environment and the atmosphere, as well as how our activities affect local, regional, and global climate change. As a result, we are focussing on developing a strategy for reducing and managing air pollutants and evaluating the feasibility of putting forward-thinking ideas and technologies. We strive to adhere to local, state, federal, and international environmental rules with regard to air emissions.

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