Oil Refining & Marketing

Exigo Oil and Gas's two business divisions are refining and marketing. Exigo Oil and Gas works with significant Russian and Kazakh refineries, which have a total processing capacity of more than 500,000 barrels per day.

Gas Production

Exigo Oil and Gas places a high priority on the expansion of its processing volume, the creation of energy at its own power plants, and its operating activities in the domains of gas production and transportation. The most cutting-edge machinery

Exploration & Production

Strengthening and expanding its resource base is one of the company's major objectives. The attainment of hydrocarbon production goals and the continuity of production activities are both guaranteed by the strong resource base.

Welcome Exigo Oil and Gas

Exigo Oil and Gas, a firm with a long history and traditions that is always evolving, is the flagship of one of the most reputable businesses in the oil and gas industry. It is a pioneer in the adoption of new procedures and technologies as well as social responsibility standards. We make oil! Oil extraction enables us to advance social cohesiveness, shareholder interests, and national wealth while also benefiting our own country’s prosperity.

Exigo Oil and Gas is a big trader and exporter of petroleum products in addition to being a prominent producer, supplier, and exporter of oil and gas in kazakhstan. Exigo Oil and Gas’s upstream offshore projects, processing, distribution, and marketing of oil, gas, and petroleum products in Kazakhstan and other countries all contribute to the production of oil, gas, and gas-condensate.

Sustainable Development Goals

As an oil and gas firm, is dedicated to upholding the greatest standards of industrial and environmental safety, corporate governance, and social responsibility while positively influencing the socioeconomic development of the countries in which it operates.

Environment Protection

Major efforts have been made in waste reduction, pollution and emission management, and energy conservation.

Safety & Loss Prevention

Safety is a key performance measure for the way our business is run.

Process Safety

Therefore, adherence to safety and process safety rules is the responsibility of all employees and contractors, regardless of status.

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