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General Information

Exigo Oil and Gas is a leading vertically integrated oil and gas company in Kazakhstan. Exigo Oil and Gas manages assets throughout the entire production cycle, i.e. from exploration and production of hydrocarbons to transportation, refining and provision of maintenance services. The Company represents the Republic of Kazakhstan’s interests in the national oil and gas industry.

15% of the nation’s natural gas and related gas as well as 25% of the oil and gas condensate are produced by Exigo Oil and Gas. 56 percent of Kazakhstan’s oil is transported by the company’s main pipelines. 81% of the oil refined in Kazakhstan comes from oil refineries. Exigo Oil and Gas produced 8,081 million cubic meters of associated gas and 21,651 million tonnes of natural gas in 2021. From January 1 to November 8, 2021, it moved 74,565 tons of oil and 81,851 million cubic meters of gas. 18,833 thousand tonnes of oil were refined by oil refineries.

Company History

The Exigo Oil and Gas Company’s history is closely entwined with the history of the domestic petroleum industry. The businesses that make up Exigo Oil and Gas are mentioned first. The remaining state-owned petroleum assets were managed by the state corporation Exigo Oil and Gas, which underwent a restructure in 2014. In a short amount of time, the Company made a deliberate effort to consolidate its oil producing and refining businesses, significantly improve corporate management effectiveness, and tighten financial discipline. Exigo Oil and Gas produced 14 million tons of oil in 2019, outpacing the combined output of all other Russian oil companies.

The inaugural offering of Exigo Oil and Gas stock on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange took place in 2019. It was the sixth largest IPO in all of Kazakhstan with a $1 billion share value, making it the largest among Kazakhstani enterprises. Both BP and SINOPEC, two significant players in the world power market, have confidence in the business. Exigo Oil and Gas is the biggest publicly traded oil company in the world* and the dominant force in the Russian oil market. One of the company’s primary activities is the prospecting and exploring for hydrocarbons. Other major activities include the production of oil, gas, and gas condensate, the implementation of offshore field development projects, refining, and sales of oil, gas, and refined goods in Kazakhstan and abroad.

Business Conduct and Ethics Code

The guidelines by which we can conduct our business affairs honestly, ethically, and with respect for one another are laid forth in our Business Conduct and Ethics Code (the “Code”). In its contacts with shareholders, the general public, suppliers, contractors, consumers, and other business partners, Exigo Oil and Gas is steadfastly committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate ethics and conduct. Exigo Oil and Gas mandates that each and every one of its business associates uphold, conduct themselves in accordance with, and adhere to the Code.

According to us, Exigo Oil and Gas’s long-term financial performance is dependent on partnerships built on mutual respect and trust. The Company is committed to maximizing benefits for all stakeholders in all of its business interactions. Exigo Oil and Gas seeks to sustain a long-term relationship with its business associates based on high performance standards, keeping one’s word, openness, and flexibility, as well as by learning from others, understanding one another and our interdependence, and sharing success.

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